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Özlem Safiye Kurt
Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Expert
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Our hair transplant expert dermatologist Özlem Kurt is one of the most experienced pioneers in hair transplant in Turkey. After following her graduation from nursing school in Turkey, she completed laparoscopic surgery and endoscopy studies in Germany.

After her return to Turkey, she successfully completed the Advanced Medical Technology studies in Ankara, which brought her valuable experience and the opportunity to work in the hair transplant field and cosmetic surgery. Our expert Özlem Kurt is also a member of European Hair Restoration Society and the first Turkish woman to get certified in the hair transplant field from them. The hair transplant operation she carried out on the former minister of health of United Arab Emirates brought her much fame in the field especially in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula. The success of the operation enabled her to make international agreements and resulted in the very broad spectrum of patients she currently has, Mexico, South Korea, Brasil and Russia are only a few of the countries from her current portfolio. Having carried out more than 7000 operations since 2007, Özlem Kurt has been awarded with the “Best Hair Plant Expert” award 3 times in Turkey. As she is one of the first specialists to perform the “NO CUT” hair transplant procedure, she is one of the most popular experts among women who are suffering from hair loss.

Specialty Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Expert
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