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Patient Guide

What is Customized Hair Transplant?

Turkey is considered to be the hairtransplant capital of the world. The quality of the operations and the cost-friendly rates make Turkey unrivaled.

Under these circumstances, along with the government incentives, many clinics in various sizes have opened up in Turkey. From a general perspective, the outcome of the operations are satisfactory but the transplant teams have been enlarged and the clinics began accepting 20-30 patients everyday. Thanks to this every patient gets to have the hairtransplant operation, however the service provided to each patient cannot be maintained at a high standard nor an equal amount of attention can be given to each patient. This resulted in situations while one patient left the clinic happy and satisfied, another patient not getting the attention they needed, left unhappy and unsatisfied.

Hairtransplant operation is a procedure you will be having once or twice in your whole life, you should be choosing the absolute best clinic, that would treat you the best and provide you with the best operation results and service possible. To ensure the highest level of servise possible, and equal treatment to all patients, we will not be compromising “maximum 3 patients per day” principle. All three of our teams have been with us for a long time and each team have carried over 1000 operations among themselves. We spend the maximum amount of time with each of our patients, we tend to their needs and all questions; ensuring all patients to leave our clinics happy and satisfied. Having the guarantee that they will get the best treatment possible; gives our patients great comfort. This what we call the customized hair transplant. This operation will not be a massly produced factory product, where you are the product, with Amabilia the hair transplant operation and service will give you a feeling of care and attention.

This service is not costly either. Please fill out our form or reach us at +90 546 240 46 64 on whatsapp or mail us at, so that you can have the luxury of having the best treatment in Turkey with the most affordable prices.